Friday, December 15, 2006

Home for the Holidays

Right now we're spending time at home with family, working on new material and recording some demos. We have a few home shows coming up, check our myspace for more info. We've got some exciting things happening in 2007 including being back on tour! We hope you enjoy the holidays!


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"calling the shots" by Collin Shotts

So we're somewhere in the Carolinas. All is well. I was caught trying to steal a taquito in a roadside gas station by Derek and was very ashamed. Derek's birthday is friday so that'll be fun. I think we're playing at a frat house that night so maybe a bunch of drunk college kids will sing happy birthday or let him win at beer pong or something. Panera bread has free wi/fi so that's cool. The Evangelicals were in the same town as us last night so they came to our show. It was good to see some Okies. We all played catch with a nerf football in the venue's parking lot like a bundle of gitty, gorgeous school boys til about 2am. Good times, good times. Well, I don't have too much to say. We're all having a good time, enjoying the road, though Derek and I miss the girlfriends quite a bit. Oh, and Bojangles chicken is good for the tongue, bad for the body.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Halo Gods

Hey ladies and gents-
It's Johnny C...the guy way in the back, in the dark, behind all the lights and drums. So here's the latest from the road; the guys have been brainwashed by alien beings, and they've been turned into zombie, video-game slaves....more specifically, Halo zombies. We just got done with a show at the High Five here in Columbus, and at some point on the way home they were all infested....i dunno. It's fuckin crazy I tell ya. Have a look for yourselves.

Take care now y'all!

Johnny C. and TSMC

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Hey everyone, we are in Lincoln NE. at an undisclosed location stealing wifi. Tonight is the fourth show on this tour. I dont think any of us really fell like we are on tour until we get
out of the midwest. Its hot. Our van A/C is acting up, Which doesn't help. I HAVE BEEN FORCED
TO WEAR SHORTS! I hate shorts, my father hated shorts, and his father before him. Jonathan, Collin, and Derek have all been reading alot....I know, I know, who would have thought Collin could read. John has been driving (as usual) and as for me well I have been working on some lyrics, thinking about songs, and getting my ass beat by Collin in video games. So there you are, pretty uneventful so far but we'll see what happens.

Physically, M@

Saturday, August 05, 2006


We've got another set of tour dates coming up....midwest and east's a big one. I think it shaped up rather nicely. Thanks to Jonathan our bassist, he's a booking machine. Hard to believe this will be our 4th tour this many indie/unsigned bands do you know that tour that much? ...I think after this leg we'll have played over 150 shows this year. We don't meet that many bands doing the same thing. Not to toot our own horn...just being introspective. Got some good shows around the corner with some awesome bands...see you soon.

8/9/06 Tulsa OK The Sound Pony
8/10/06 Lawrence KS Replay Lounge
8/11/06 Kansas City MO Record Bar
8/12/06 Lincoln NE C-Box,
8/14/06 Des Moines IA Vaudeville Mews
8/15/06 Minneapolis MN Club Underground
8/16/06 Milwaukee WI Riverwest Commons
8/17/06 Milwaukee WI Cactus Club
8/18/06 Chicago IL Beat Kitchen
8/19/06 Lafayette IN Zooleggers
8/20/06 Indianapolis IN Melody Inn
8/21/06 Cincinnati OH Poison Room
8/22/06 Columbus OH High Five
8/23/06 Detroit MI The Lager House
8/24/06 Buffalo NY Nietzsches
8/25/06 Jamestown NY Mojo's
8/26/06 Syracuse NY Mezzanotte
8/27/06 Worcester MA Lucky Dog Music Hall
8/28/06 New York NY Pianos
8/29/06 Philadelphia PA The Khyber
8/30/06 Washington DC DC9
9/1/06 Charlottesville VA Starr Hill
9/2/06 Charlotte NC The Evening Muse
9/5/06 Raleigh NC The Brewery
9/6/06 Chapel Hill NC Wetlands
9/7/06 Winston Salem NC The Rubber Soul
9/8/06 Charlotte NC UNC / Code Blue Productions
9/9/06 Columbia SC 90.5 FM WUSC Live On-Air
9/9/06 Columbia SC Art Bar
9/11/06 Athens GA Tasty World Downstairs
9/12/06 Morristown TN The Downtown
9/13/06 Nashville TN The 5 Spot
9/14/06 Nashville TN Springwater
9/16/06 Atlanta GA Lenny's
9/17/06 Augusta GA Sector 7G
9/19/06 Tampa FL Pegasus Night Club
9/20/06 Clearwater FL The Junction
9/22/06 Mobile AL Cell Block
9/23/06 New Orleans LA Shiloh
9/25/06 Houston TX Engine Room
9/26/06 College Station TX Shotzies
9/27/06 Austin TX Trophy's
9/28/06 San Antonio TX Limelight
9/29/06 Fort Worth TX The Aardvark
9/30/06 Dallas TX The Cavern

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Creepy Castles!

Being home from the road gave us the opportunity to do a proper photoshoot and so this past Saturday we called on our friend Joseph Russell to man the camera and work his magic. We had a plan A...but it didn't really work out (it involved a taxidermist) so plan B was quickly put into action and I believe it turned out quite nice.
We spent the morning and afternoon posing around a very castle-like house in OKC. As you'll see, several shots were taken in almost creepy settings,....stone walls, candles, crosses, column-filled hallways, a library, and even a dip in the hot tub that looked more like a baptismal.Joseph ended up taking some great shots and you should all drop him a note and tell him so. You can check out some more photos at our myspace.